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Bluegrass hay


Bluegrass Grass Hay


The beautiful hay we carry called "bluegrass" is actually a hybrid seed my farmer has developed. It is an orchard/bluegrass seed. For those of you that are used to orchard grass, this will be similar except it has a beautiful blue/green color. After viewing more that 30 farms and countless hays, it just didn't do justice to call my hay "orchard", so I have chosen to call it "bluegrass". It is a wide bladed, leafy variety that is soft and pliable. Nutritionally, it is equivalent to orchard grass.

USPS Flat rate shipping

If all you want today is a sample of hay, scroll down and choose the 1 lb option.  It will come to you in a small flat rate box (SFRB) USPS Priority.  Sample have to be ordered separately and cannot be combined with other items except other samples.  Maximum sample order is 3. Just so you know, the hay will weight less than 1 lb.  The system will accept 1 as the minimum weight, so you will get a really good handlful of hay but it will be between 4-7 ounces for each sample.

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