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Alfalfa Complete Pellets



KMS Bagged Pellets

Our Alfalfa Complete pellets  are formulated for pregnant or nursing pigs, and also for guinea pigs under 6 months of age.  They contain a higher protein level for these pigs.

These fantastic pellets contain no BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin or corn.  It took us 4 years of research and development with guinea pig experts, nutritionists, and veterinarians to formulate this top quality pellet.

We use whole ingredients, the best stabilized vitamin C, Redmond salt, and other top quality products.  Our pellets have a guaranteed shelf life of over 200 days and are made in small batches every 10 days to 2 weeks, so you can always be assured of the freshness and quality of the pellets.

KMS Pellet Pails

For those of you that need a convenient way to store your pellets, we also offer 10 lb and 25 lb reusable pails.  These Pellet Pails will come pre-filled with fresh pellets and a scoop.  When your pigs have devoured these pellets, you can order the bagged pellets and refill the pail.

 USPS Flat Rate Shipping

If the ONLY thing you are ordering today is 10 lbs of bagged pellets (either Alfalfa Complete or Timothy Choice),  you may save money on shipping by choosing this option.  For people east of the Mississippi, it will be cheaper than UPS (our standard shipping).

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