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3rd cut Timothy hay


Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is a grass hay, but the "cuts" on the Timothy hay are very different. My farmers cut ALL their hay a couple weeks before other farmers. Even though his yield is lower, his quality is better and the hay is younger and contains more nutrition.

3rd Cut Timothy Hay

3rd cut Timothy hay is a gift, not a given. There are so many variables to this cutting of hay, such as weather, moisture, and temperature that sometimes entire crops are lost.

It is cut in late September or early October, and is the best selling hay in our inventory spanning more than 14 years.

It has nearly no stem, is wide and leafy. It is a soft and pliable hay that you can literally wind around your fingers like the bluegrass. It normally has a bit of brown leaf to it, but that never seems to matter to the critters! It is loved by guinea pigs, chins, rabbits and degus. It is a nice green color and will have very few, if any, seed heads. If the harvest goes well and there is no rain, I will be carrying this hay at the end of September or beginning of October.

I've been told by many, many customers that their animals won't eat hay, only to find that they love this cutting and is the only one they will eat! I have found that to be true with one of my own guinea pigs as well.  If you have a hard time getting your pet to eat hay, try this cutting.

USPS Flat rate shipping

If all you want today is a sample of hay, scroll down and choose the 1 lb option.  It will come to you in a small flat rate box (SFRB) USPS Priority.  Sample have to be ordered separately and cannot be combined with other items except other samples.  Maximum sample order is 3.  Just so you know, the hay will weight less than 1 lb.  The system will accept 1 as the minimum weight, so you will get a really good handlful of hay but it will be between 4-7 ounces for each sample

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