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2nd "early" cut timothy hay



This batch of 2nd cut timothy hay is from a 2 year old field. Which means it is not as large of leaf or stalk as an established field. To me, doing this for nearly 16 years, it looks and feels to me more like 3rd cut timothy!

I am still going to get traditional 2nd cut timothy, just not sure when.  The farmer has buried the stack in his hay shed behind 100 tons of alfalfa which he needs to move out first.  Will check on this DAILY, trust me!

I'm not even sure how to list this hay. It's 2nd cutting for sure. It is WAY too early for 3rd. But I really believe my 3rd cut customers and going to love this and my 2nd cut customers, who want the stem and body of the traditional 2nd cutting will be disappointed.

I can't send a picture because it was in bales in the field and I'm not getting it until Sunday at which point I am out of town!

So here is what I've decided. I'm going to call it 2nd "early" timothy. I will try my best to get the page up tonight so people can order.  I would love feedback!!

USPS Flat rate shipping

If all you want today is a sample of hay, scroll down and choose the 1 lb option.  It will come to you in a padded envelope (SFRB) USPS Priority.  Samples have to be ordered separately and cannot be combined with pellets.  If you are ordering hay, on the items ordered page, just put a note of the samples of hay you want, and we will include them with your hay order free of charge. Maximum sample order is 3.  Just so you know, the hay will weight less than 1 lb.  The system will accept 1 as the minimum weight, so you will get a really good handlful of hay but it will be between 4-7 ounces for each sample.


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