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2nd cut Timothy hay


Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is a grass hay, but the "cuts" on the Timothy hay are very different. My farmers cut ALL their hay a couple weeks before other farmers. Even though his yield is lower, his quality is better and the hay is younger and contains more nutrition.

2nd Cut Timothy Hay

In our area, 2nd cut Timothy is cut in late July or early August. It has a higher leaf to stem ratio than 1st cutting. It has a beautiful green color, has some stem and seed heads, but a lot more leaf than 1st cutting. The 2nd cut Timothy I carry is one of the nicest Timothy hays I've seen. It is high in fiber and is cut early so there is plenty of nutrition in the hay. The stems are much smaller than 1st cutting. This is still a more coarse hay than bluegrass, orchard grass, or 3rd cut Timothy hay because the stems are still there. This is a favorite hay with rabbits.

If you are looking for a super soft hay with a ribbon like quality, choose our 3rd cut Timothy hay or our bluegrass.

NOTE:  This load of 2nd cut timothy is lighter for it's size, and the most we can safely get in the box is 41 lbs.  So that is what you will get, and we reduced the price to reflect that. The SKU will stay the same for the box size and shipping.

USPS Flat rate shipping

If all you want today is a sample of hay, scroll down and choose the 1 lb option.  It will come to you in a small flat rate box (SFRB) USPS Priority.  Samples have to be ordered separately and cannot be combined with pellets.  If you are ordering hay, on the items ordered page, just put a note of the samples of hay you want, and we will include them with your hay order free of charge. Maximum sample order is 3.  Just so you know, the hay will weight less than 1 lb.  The system will accept 1 as the minimum weight, so you will get a really good handlful of hay but it will be between 4-7 ounces for each sample.

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